Philip Richman
Meditation, Philosophy, Comparative Religion

The lives we live are lives of contradiction, yet we hold in our heart of hearts only the wish for authentic simplicity of spirit. Throughout my life I have been driven by a thirst for reconciliation of conflict at the root of our being. The human family exhibits a diversity at the deepest level. Muslim, Christian and Jew, Hindu, Buddhist and Scientist, all of us seem to share and yet seem to violate each other's essence. My belief is that platitudes – “We all believe in the same God” – are false remedy. Yet I call myself an omgnostic – a word I made up. Just as an omnivore accepts all forms of nourishment, so an amgnostic is willing to entertain the reality of all forms of the divine.  In my life, I have sought the reality of truth by dedicating myself to meditation. Meditation is not fundamentally different from prayer, prayer is not fundamentally different from reasoned investigation. The enterprise of philosophy has always been my calling, my path of activity Tibetan Buddhist meditation and my spiritual origin Judaism. I cannot deny any of these without setting off contradiction at the level of my heart. So the method I follow is the only method we really have in life, which is to follow our heart. Please join me by reading the thoughts, reminiscences and poems on this web site. Share, if you will, my aspirations for philosophical and meditative clarity by reading my books, but most of all, use these to follow the meditation of your heart.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your site [sic].”

יִהְיוּ לְרָצוֹן אִמְרֵיבִּי    לְפָנֶיךָ Psalm 19:14.


Karma and the Rise of Buddhism in the West        $23.98   350 pages
By Philip Richman
An exploration of the central challenge for Buddhism today.

Natural Liberation from Suffering By Jigme Lingpa  $56.20
Translated by Tulku Thondup and Philip Richman
This is a meditation text in Tibetan and English.  It is a sadhana from the Longchen Nyingtik, intended for those who have received the proper initiations and permissions.


The Shofar and the White Conch                           $19.95  179 pages
By Philip Richman

Commentary and philosophical discussion on the Sadhana HaMelech.  Covers visualization, and major reinterpretation of the philosophical foundations, origin and meaning of monotheism.  Includes sadhana with commentary.

Sadhana HaMelech: The Basic Text                        $11.00  26 pages
By Tsvi Ben Haim/Philip Richman
Jewish prayers combined with meditation and visualizations arranged according to the Tibetan Buddhist style of sadhana liturgy.  For those who want a way to combine traditional Jewish prayer with visualizations and meditations this is the basic short text.

Sadhana with Amida & Brief Haggadah Tsok           $20.00 110 pages
By Tsvi Ben Haim/Philip Richman
Includes the Basic sadhana text, an expanded version including additional daily prayers and a Brief Feast/Tsok which is an
abbreviated Passover Haggadah.

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